Custom game reviews made easy!

We make having professional video reviews with your  branding, your  logo, and all your  information simple!

Starting with our original, high quality footage we re-edit each production from scratch with your  material! The result is unique video reviews that enhance your customer experience, promote your brand image, and become part of your marketing strategy!

We deliver your finished videos ready to place on your website, Facebook and YouTube channel. Your customers will think you hired a crew to film them for you! Take a moment to watch our short video tutorial on the right to understand how the process works!


How to get started:

Check out our inventory of game videos on our “Reviews” page. Each review is linked to a YouTube video that we’ve produced for another client.

Find the reviews you’re interested in customizing for your brand, then use our “Contact” page to get started. We’ll work with you step by step to answer all your questions and make certain you understand the process.

How much can the videos be customized?

Just about as much as you like!

We will create a standard open and close for your videos, which can include your footage, animations, pictures, artwork and/or any combination of elements. We will even use your company colors and logo over the names of the individuals in the video so it looks as if you shot the footage yourself!

Can elements be added to videos?

We can add whatever information you request such as web sites, phone numbers, email addresses, social media information and calls to action. When available, we may also be able to add additional game play.

Can elements be taken out of videos?

If possible, we will make videos shorter or cut unwanted elements when needed. We also offer an additional service to edit videos to show only game play and/or add voice over narrations, when feasible.

How much does this cost?

Customized videos can costs as little as $125 each. The more reviews a client orders, the more cost-effective it becomes.

How long will the process take?

Once clients send us their artwork and specifications, we will edit a sample open/close with basic elements. Following approval, we can usually have finished custom videos in about one business week unless additional service or edits have been requested.

How’s the quality?

We produce every video from the original raw footage, not copies. Each video is edited from those master files to ensure the same quality every time. Footage was shot on a digital camera, and the videos are delivered ready for web use!

What about copyright?

All our footage was shot with the permission of the game companies. Individual copyright notices within the videos will state that clients own the rights to that production.

We strongly encourage clients to obtain legal permission to use the music they submit for their videos. There are websites where music can be purchased, and YouTube has a library of music that is free to use.

Ultimately, the legal burden is on the client. In most cases, we cannot re-edit to change music.

Will Payline Videos save or store my finished videos?

We will retain your basic video template (open, close, etc.), but cannot save each edit or finished production. Clients should make copies of their videos after delivery and store them in a secure place.